Poster design by Brooke Braslin. Art original by Paul Williams.

Poster design by Brooke Braslin. Art original by Paul Williams.


Fired from his job writing for a weekend magazine, Ted Wilson decides to take a break from Melbourne and visit his family in Hobart. He realises his loss could be an opportunity, a chance to pursue something more meaningful. He happens on an idea: “I want to write something beautiful about cricket. A piece of literary non-fiction. It will in some sense be about Tasmanian batsmen and it will be from the heart.”

Sensing that a brush with greatness may focus his reflections, Ted embarks half-heartedly on a quixotic search for legendary Australian cricketer and exalted Tasmanian, David Boon. Yet when the search stalls, Ted finds himself immersed in a present-time of infinite riches, reconnecting with his widowed mother and adult siblings now with young children of their own.

Denuded of narrative fanfare the film begins to operate as a unique documentary portrait of middle Tasmania, rare in its loving commitment to a warm and convivial present. Featuring remarkable performances from a cast comprised solely of the director's immediate family, Under the Cover of Cloud discovers a uniquely Australian tranquillity, drawing attention throughout to the grace of what is so often hidden in plain sight.




“A masterpiece. This year’s best film... I was struck with the overwhelming impression that Wilson’s film is something entirely new. I imagine that audiences seeing Godard and Truffaut’s early work in the early 60s, or savoured the inaugural films in von Trier and Vinterberg’s Dogme 95 movement, may have felt something similar. It is refreshing in an industry that tends to reward and perpetuate staleness. 10/10” ReelGood

“A minimal, modernist Australian masterpiece made with no money… The result is a miracle of a film, both strangely familiar and quite unlike any Australian movie I’ve seen.“ Broadsheet

“Engrossing, delicately poised… it’s a film of gentle pleasures and unexpected humour that stamps Wilson as one of Australia's great emerging talents” Melbourne International Film Festival

“Ted Wilson’s directorial debut is a breath of fresh air for Australian films, that so often have their content tied to finance obligations. His film… flips conventions on its head – and it works. Every Australian should see this film.“ Screenwave International Film Festival

“Shaggily charismatic... the film's greatest pleasures lie in its sweet, low-key celebration of family - played with winsome delight by Wilson's own” The Big Issue

“He sports gold-framed glasses and indie-rock facial hair, and sticks out against the gum trees like a sore thumb. This tension is part of the reason the minimalist film is surprisingly so gripping.” Senses of Cinema

“A beautiful breakout film from Wilson, both an ode to his island and an artistic statement, demonstrating his unique style and sensibilities as an emerging filmmaker“ The Mercury

"A quietly revelatory and lingering tale of assessing and reassessing one's life and priorities" Concrete Playground

“Amazing, no doubt my favourite Aussie film of this century” Sydney test screening audience member

“A beautiful film – it’s such a graceful and mischievous delight” Melbourne International Film Festival audience member

“Truly beautiful, deep and complex yet light as air. We need more filmmakers like you!” Melbourne International Film Festival audience member

“I’m sure you have plenty of people around you praising a remarkable achievement, but I haven’t stopped thinking about your beautiful film. Your beautiful family. You’ve created something really special.” Breath of Fresh Air Festival audience member

“Such funny, gentle yet profound insights into family, creativity, animals, humans, cricket. A beautifully grounded film, such a strong sense of place and time, making so much of so little. The Castle meets Kafka and Kiarostami.” Brisbane International Film Festival audience member


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