Are you writing a screenplay? Do you want to make one of those Australian films or TV shows that we are famous for: something formulaic and obvious and patronising and not that funny and pretty shit?

Well if you don’t want to make that, why not avail yourself of our services at Ted Wilson Script Consultancy & Dramaturgy. Ted Wilson has a Master of Screenwriting from the Victorian College of the Arts and is the filmmaker behind the multi award-winning short FAMILY HOLIDAY and the “Masterpiece” “Film of the Year” “10/10” feature film UNDER THE COVER OF CLOUD and the guy behind many stand up jokes.

At TWSCAD we use patented Cool Advice™️ technology to help you bring the most out of your script, treatment, synopsis and logline.

You like Cool Advice in your life. Why not bring a little bit of Cool Advice™️ into your script?


Rates start low. Super low at $80/hr, during which time TWSCAD can get a whole lot done. We even offer student discounts. And we do deals. Click on contact us now to tell us about your script and enquire about getting some of that hot Cool Advice™️.